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When advocates need advocacy . . .


If you use dietary supplements...When you need to be passionately eloquent or make a compelling presentation, we have the writers, media relations specialists, coaches and designers to ensure your ideas will seize the day.

Whether you're addressing a community group, municipal board, regulatory commission or legislative committee, we'll see to it your spoken, textural and graphic materials are clear, compelling and appropriate to the task.

Call on the Golden Group for . . .

  • Speechwriting and authoring services
  • Presentation and hearing materials
  • Op ed pieces, signed articles and mentions
  • Press releases and advisories
  • Media contact and development
  • White papers, booklets and brochures
  • Book-length publications
  • Appeal letters and fundraising packages
  • Organizational development
  • Advertising and media buying
  • Opinion and issues research
  • Strategy, planning and programming
  • Website development and content
  • Research and metrics
  • Special events and seminars
  • Parties and celebrations
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Political campaigns
  • Signage and awards

How may the Golden Group serve the interests of you and your clients?

About the Golden Group

Founded in 1984, we have worked successfully in technology, health, the environment, housing, education, real estate services, travel and tourism, fundraising, state and municipal affairs and numerous other areas of private and public enterprise. As practitioners of "integrated marketing communications" we utilize a variety of media and disciplines to "build the brand equity" of our clients.

Our signal strength lies in our ability to bring a variety of communications methods to bear in long-term, highly focused initiatives on behalf of our clients.

We are particularly interested in supporting policy and marketing initiatives in economic development, transportation, housing, health, energy, the environment and education.

We work at the local, state and national level, believing that no detail is too small, no duty too challenging or objective too large in the service of our clients.

The Golden Group—
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The Golden Group is a marketing, creative and Web services firm located in the Metrowest area of Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

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