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Philosophy and Perspective

The notion of "strengthening the marketing value chain" is at the center of our work on your behalf. In practice that means going beyond an understanding of just your products and services, your prospects and markets. To ensure your organizational resources and core business processes serve to strengthen your brand equity, we work to help you optimize your marketing functions in all respects.

That may mean helping you with sales improvement or in selecting an appropriate client resource management (CRM) system. In assessing your marketing and sales capabilities and ensuring they match your marketing promotion programs, we are able to better ensure your long-term success.

Hidden stores of information

Companies like yours often have a hidden or inaccessible store of information—what we call "knowledge bases"—which when optimized and made accessible internally (as in the case of annotated prospect files) or externally (as in the case of Web-based information that adds value for your prospects and clients) can play a significant role in strengthening your brand equity and prospect buying interest.

Once engaged on your behalf, our staff of sales training, project planning, creative and Web development specialists will create a strategic plan that ensures the strategic direction we develop in a collaborative relationship with your organization precisely reflects your capacity to reach your goals.

A solid understanding

We are practitioners of integrated marketing communications, an approach that relies on a solid understanding of the factors and issues that determine message content, audience character and anticipated results, no matter how large or small the initiative.

In practice this often means utilizing multiple media to drive traffic to your Website. Combined knowledge basing, public relations programs or direct mail—or all these techniques—are useful tools in that respect. Combining advertising, trade show and special events strategies are others.

Throughout our 40 years in marketing, our first concern has been for what works best for our clients. By means of careful research and thoughtful consideration, we take care to learn the fundamentals of our clients' businesses and causes, which are often complex and subject to interpretation.

Craft work

We believe in the notion of "craft work," taking pains in the selection of creative teams to bring practitioners long-schooled in writing, media management, design, Web development and more to the task at hand.

We believe the combination of solid planning, careful research, inspired creative work, a willingness to take risks and great leadership are the fundamental basis for achieving our clients' goals. How may we serve you?

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The Golden Group is a marketing, creative and Web services firm located in the Metrowest area of Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

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