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Web Strategies, Video & Broadcast Media

As an integrated marketing organization we offer a variety of communications options to our clients—including highly specialized services such as robust, content-rich and e-commerce-enabled websites.

Among the resources we offer are website design and content development, e-commerce and survey capabilities, online newsrooms and site metrics. Notably, our approach to Web design is based first on established principles of direct marketing.

This is because our website work is usually done in the context of a larger campaign in which direct response, broadcast media, special events, publications and advertising are brought to bear on the overall task of achieving organizational development or product marketing goals.

An example of this kind of integration—

Website homepage for CRC

Website for public advocacy

Website online calendar

can be found in our work on behalf of the Charles River Conservancy, an advocacy group dedicated to renewing the Charles River Parklands. In that instance, the website that we constructed for the organization became a means to producing an important event as well as a means to leveraging the event.

Among the pre- and post-event content we created were—

  • An event-related book promotion
  • Event information and ticketing
  • Related membership appeal and donor opportunities
  • Online pressroom
  • Event-related awards
  • Full-scale video coverage of the event
  • Collateral streaming video on a linked website
  • Post-event content posted to the website

For a better understanding of the website and its features, including—

  • Press room with graphics resources
  • Online membership and donor section
  • Online calendar
  • Rich content

please click on

Another example of our website strategy capabilities—

Website for public advocacy

Website editorial material

Website interview

can be seen at, a Web portal we built from the ground up for the Dietary Supplement Quality Initiative. DSQI is the only organization in the world dedicated exclusively to supplement quality.

The site, which was launched in 1999, draws over 20,000 unique visitors in a typical month, with interests ranging from "What's in the bottle vs. what's on the label" to safety, efficacy and manufacturing standards.

The website is extremely content rich, featuring timely reportage and comment developed by The Golden Group on behalf of the client. Periodically, we leverage site presence by means of search engine submissions and news releases (covering important new content) distributed via the PR Newswire and news-related online search engines. A unique feature of the website is a sophisticated online survey which we developed internally in Structured Query Language (SQL). Site content features

  • Headline and breaking news
  • Editorials
  • Interviews
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Cautions & potential hazards

as well as

  • Health benefits
  • Safety
  • Reading labels
  • Supplier questions
  • Standards and regulations

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then is an innovation in the field. In 2001 the supplement industry launched a website of its own which in large part mirrors


is a new website being created on behalf of a manufacturer/distributor of precision fireworks firing systems and fusing devises. These computer-controlled products offer the most sophisticated triggering options in the world, including the capacity to precisely synchronize fireworks with live and recorded music or theatrical cues.

The design objectives of the MagicFire site ( were intentionally limited to ensure a level of presentation familiar to the pyrotechnics industry. The result is a low-cost, high impact presentation of technical and ordering information designed to appeal to mid-size fireworks display organizations.

Barkan Management Company

With four operating entities, among which is the largest provider of homeowner association management services in New England, Barkan needs to maintain an active dialog with its 13,000+ clients.

All the markets in which the company does business are highly competitive, so differentiating Barkan's value added is a primary requirement of the Barkan website. To achieve this goal we designed a simple, yet forthright presentation format featuring easy access to Barkan's various operating divisions and their unique service offerings.

A long-observed characteristic of the real estate management industry is the labor-intensive aspects of delivering client services. To invite and facilitate a more inviting and efficient service dialog between Barkan and its clients, we created a highly refined service-request function on the site.

To do so we wrote CGI scripts in Perl incorporating a wide range of special cases. Both Barkan clients and company associates benefit from this function. Now clients are able to specify and order a wide range of services and reports at will, while Barkan associates are able to process requests based on pre-formatted email.

Overall, Barkan's new website makes the organization more accessible, responsive and efficient, three valuable qualities for any service-oriented enterprise.

Video and audio

On request we script and/or produce video and audio, having created a number of theatrical, symposium and spoken word presentations over the years. These have included—

  • a national seminar series for computer resellers, which we wrote, produced and presented in a dozen major US markets, including Houston, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, on behalf of the Interface Group, the producers of COMDEX. The series was based on a published "How To" booklet, for which we developed the content outline
  • appearances on CNN and local news broadcasts on behalf of a technology industry client
  • numerous events and presentations, which we regularly produce on video on behalf of clients
  • a short play featuring a seminal figure in the history of the environmental movement
  • an audio "business card," which we scripted and produced in-studio
  • a series of radio ads and television editorials which we produced on behalf of a political candidate and a ballot initiative

How might we best meet your communications needs through the use of coordinated Web, video and other media strategies?

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