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Special Events

Special events are uniquely powerful because they can bring large audiences together with substantial volumes of information. [Read more about special events.]

Charles River Parklands: Reclaiming the Legacy

special event poster

This elegant poster served to promote a dual-purpose event. First, the symposium entitled Charles River Parklands: Reclaiming the Legacy served to introduce a major historical study of the Charles River basin and its surrounding parklands. Just as importantly, the event was designed to enhance and accelerate the renewal of the very parklands written about at length in the book.

A series of publicity initiatives—including published newsletters, invitations, press releases and more—served to promote the occasion, which drew over 200 attendees to hear a distinguished panel of landscape architects, urban designers, critics and civic leaders.

A morning symposium hosted by a nationally recognized talk show host was followed by a luncheon and recognition event, and then a boat tour. The morning event was filmed for later use as a video.

The Control Systems Jungle

trade show postcard

The complexities of bio-technology and solid state physics notwithstanding, little in this world is more complex than the instrumentation and control industry. In the United States, the Instrument Society of America hosts hundreds of vendors annually at its trade shows, held in cities like Chicago and New Orleans.

For this ISA Chicago event, we borrowed a lesson from Hollywood (literally) and worked with a Los Angeles prop house to create a mixed desert/jungle environment using palm trees and oversized, 3-dimensional animal figures. We created a humorously attractive environment on the show floor in Chicago, metaphorically analogous to the reliability problems faced by buyers of our client's computers for harsh and hazardous areas.

trade shows - postcard for themed event

Subsequently, we created other themed events for the same client in collaboration with a skilled trade show designer. In Houston and later in New Orleans, a golf green and a race-car track served as the "flypaper" that brought hundreds of new prospects to our client's booth.

For a large, not-for-profit developer of affordable housing

Mission Park newsletter

In 1993 and again in 1998, we produced celebratory events for a major community development corporation in the Longwood medical area of Boston. In collaboration with a community newspaper publisher, we created a special pre-event news supplement which reached virtually every home in the neighborhood surrounding the CDC's housing complex.

In our first effort tin 1993, we brought the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the president of Harvard University to the same podium to celebrate the founding of the affordable housing community. We have produced similar events for other clients, notably a large Latino community in the South End of Boston.

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