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Public Affairs/Private Advocacy

On behalf of clients we . . .

Published Op-Ed columns on politics and economic affairs

Contribute a regular column on politics and economic affairs to the MetroWest Daily News featuring commentary on municipal finances, infrastructure development, local and state tax policy and long-term planning issues. Click on the link to read a sampling of these published Op-Ed columns.

We're running for town meeting Constituted and developed a town-wide condominium association and parallel electoral coalition designed to impact housing policy in a suburban Massachusetts municipality. The culmination of a three-year effort led to the first substantial revision of applicable housing law in recent US history followed by a successful statewide initiative modeled in part on our client's original work.

ballot questions

Managed communications and polling for "Question 4—Fair Ballot Access" in the 1991 Massachusetts general elections. In the first substantial challenge to state ballot law since the 1930s, we created a low-cost, high-impact campaign for a ballot initiative that introduced advocates of Question 4 to editorial directors at newspapers, radio and television stations across Massachusetts, winning the endorsement of every daily newspaper in the state save one. The question carried successfully by a plurality of 100 thousand votes of over two million cast.

Article in Boston Globe

Brought the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the mayor of Boston and the president of Harvard University together to celebrate the founding of a major affordable housing community in the Boston area. With over 300 community residents and supporters of private, not-for-profit affordable housing in the audience, the event drew substantial print and broadcast media interest, including coverage and editorial endorsement in The Boston Globe.

public advocacy campaign Website

Conceived of and created a national public advocacy group on behalf of dietary supplements, including the development and management of the only portal website in the world devoted to supplement quality. Averaging over 20,000 unique visitors monthly, the site includes substantial editorial content available on a "credit to use" basis that carries the value of supplement quality to consumers, industry participants and news outlets worldwide.

public advocacy campaign Website

Initiated a three year, multi-part program to focus public attention to the Charles River Parklands utilizing a wide array of communications to gain interest and support. In the course of the program, which is ongoing, we created and placed scores of feature articles and op ed pieces. On behalf of the initiative we also produced a newsletter, website, numerous appeal packages, emblematic and poster materials and special events culminating in a major urban planning symposium in collaboration with the MIT Press.

Currently we are particularly interested in supporting policy, legislative and marketing initiatives in economic development, transportation, housing, health, energy, the environment and education.

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