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photojournalism - politics
Tear gas hits the crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, 1968.
photojournalism - political controversy
Demonstrators on equestrian statue along Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Democratic National Convention, 1968.
photojournalism - politicians
Ted Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey, Boston, 1968.
photojournalism - Woodstock
Grace Slick, Woodstock, 1969.
photojournalism - Woodstock
Peter Townsend, Woodstock, 1969.
photojournalism - Woodstock
Janis Joplin, Woodstock, 1969.
photojournalism - Woodstock
Crowd at Woodstock, 1969.
photography - client
Condominium building.
photography - client
Staircase in office building.
magazine cover

Condominium community.


Since 1968, Peter Golden and The Golden Group have been making great images for its clients, then using them to their advantage in a variety of advertisements, collaterals and on the Web.

Between the gritty street work of photojournalism in the 1960s and the demands of corporate marketing in the 1980s there is a bit of distance. But if the images are more prosaic, the challenges are no less demanding. Capturing the atmosphere of a peaceful condominium community or the interior of an office building require a different set of skills from news reportage.

Almost all the designs and photographs shown throughout our website are the work of Golden Group creative personnel. We also maintain relationships with website designers, illustrators, art directors and photographers of the highest caliber.

Whether you require images or design for an annual report, a website, an advertisement, a white paper, or a brochure, we are pleased to serve you with work of the highest quality.


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Images copyright 1968 and 1969 (as appropriate) Peter Golden.

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The Golden Group is a marketing, creative and Web services firm located in the Metrowest area of Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

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