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Numerous sources confirm it's getting harder and harder to raise money for worthy causes. Whatever the advocacy you represent, identifying and accessing potential donors is more of a challenge every day.

We can't offer you a fundraising panacea, but we can show you examples of direct response campaigns, list development programs, and special events that have made a real difference in the level of visibility and fundraising capacity of our not-for-profit clients. Among the worthy causes we have been associated with in the past or currently represent are:

fundraising for nonprofit organizationThe Charles River Conservancy—For whom we have created and produced numerous appeals, fundraising programs, and special events. Among the more interesting mailings we have developed are a unique "lochure" mailer. On behalf of the Conservancy, we have also undertaken sophisticated list development and analysis programs, and a symposium event featuring noted national figures in politics, urban planning and the media.

The symposium was highlighted by the introduction of Inventing the Charles River by Karl Haglund (MIT Press, 2001), for which we had the pleasure of writing the fore- and afterwords. This event was documented in industrial quality video and was attended by over 200 environmentalists and urbanists.

nonprofit developmentRoxbury Tenants of Harvard—For whom we produced a series of three special events between 1993 and 2001 to bring public attention to RTH's success as a developer and manager of affordable housing. All three events featured Boston's Mayor Thomas Menino along with such national and local figures as Henry Cisneros, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and Neil Rudenstein, president of Harvard University.

fundraising Somerville Math fundSomerville Mathematics Fund—While still in an early stage of development, the Fund is making a real difference at the grass roots level. We created a unique identity for the fund, wrote and designed a fundraising appeal campaign, and offered development council in support of the Fund's long-term goals.

fundraising eventVia Victoria—For whom it was our honor to assist IBT, a Community Development Corporation in Boston's South End, in creating a 30th year event celebrating its founding. First, we wrote, photographed and published a narrative of the community's genesis and programs in the form of a newspaper. Printed in both English and Spanish, the newspaper was distributed throughout Boston's South End and at a special concert and recognition event featuring former Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn and notable figures from Boston's social services community.

We also have long experience in public and not-for-profit theatrical festival production and educational reform initiatives, and comment on politics and economic affairs by means of a regular op-ed column in the MetroWest Daily News.

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