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In the domain of public relations, especially in the technology sector, a cover story in a nationally recognized trade magazine represents an invaluable asset for sales and marketing. What follows is a series of high-quality trade-magazine articles developed, authored, and placed in national media by The Golden Group on behalf of a number of high technology clients.

Especially noteworthy is the value of such articles for technical marketing purposes when reprinted and mailed with covering information to selected prospects. Such articles can also play a highly constructive role when used in association with seminars, trade shows, sales calls and other direct marketing events.

Marketeers should be aware that there is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to authoring and placing a cover article. Whether an original draft is generated by a client, the publication, or a third party author is one of a variety of options. Invariably, careful editing, rewriting and the inclusion of multiple points of view lends the article the robust strength requisite to making a strong impression on its intended audience.

Similarly, graphics, which accompany most high quality articles, are sourced from a variety of locations. Even though the publication invariably designs the article, the agency (in this case, The Golden Group) often creates substantial components of the graphic presentation that is eventually published.

While the articles shown here are technical in nature, The Golden Group has authored and placed numerous editorial pieces on behalf of clients in travel, hospitality, affordable housing, the environment, and a host of other areas.

If you wish to explore editorial opportunities, whether attributed to your name, one of your colleagues, or a third-party author, we look forward to your questions and comments.


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