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Direct Mail Marketing Services

direct mail campaign materials

response card


Charles River Conservancy

This "lochure"—developed for an environmental issues client—combines the best parts of a brochure and letter in one neat package. Designed to fit into a booklet envelope with response card (including opinion survey), the lochure is a colorful, compact and highly effective direct response technique which merits further use in direct mail marketing.

direct mail - fundraising brochure

return card/envelope

Dietary Supplement Quality Initiative

This direct response brochure is cool, calm, and impactful. Created on a shoestring, it represents direct mail marketing at its most cost effective. When accompanied by a letter and distributed across a compact list, it helped bring to fruition an important quality initiative in the dietary supplement marketplace.

direct response package

direct mail package

Overseas Adventure Travel

One direct response package in a series of almost 50 written by The Golden Group in the mid 1990s, this package is typical of the carefully formulated and produced direct mail marketing program used by highly rationalized direct marketeers to elicit maximum response. Written to a strict formula and heavily edited, such packages are typically mailed in quantities of 100,000 or more across carefully selected lists.

direct mail information campaign  

Roxbury Tenants of Harvard

As another example of low-cost direct response, this piece relies on dramatic color and provocative design to attract attention with minimum fuss and bother. Printed on uncoated stock and in moderate quantity, the piece was designed to reach its intended audience with maximum impact.


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