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Natick Labs—Closing on the horizon?—October 26, 2003. A coming round of federally mandated base closings slated for 2005 may pit smaller, research-oriented facilities against larger military installations . . .

Policy—A midsummer night's dream—August 7, 2003. It all began about three weeks ago, when I awoke around five one morning and realized I was woefully deficient in the area of policy development . . .

Current policy means long-term conflict—July 31, 2003. Whether Iraqi resistance to American occupation is a function of enduring nationalism, religious opposition or the last strategic gasp of Saddam's Republican Guard is a moot point . . .

The roads must roll—July 20, 2003. In the long ago precincts of my youth there is a memory of a story, at once mundane yet inspiring. Some guys in the far future have a tough job keeping the roadways moving . . .

The road from Baghdad is radioactive—July 13, 2003. While lounging around the library one day in the 1960s, a rather thick book came into my hands with the unlikely title of "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" . . .

Municipal enterprise must be reinvented—July 10, 2003. It is no longer a matter of if or when, but how the communities of MetroWest will respond to sharp reductions in state aid that are a virtual certainty to impact by the summer of 2004 . . .

Health Foundation: Public interest, private benevolence—July 2, 2003. Tax law, as most lawyers and accountants will tell you, is a tricky business; so too is caring for the poor, indigent and those in special need . . .

The political force of meanies, weenies and tweenies—May 27, 2003. In this world there are three distinct political types, no more and no less . . .

New England, super state?—May 8, 2003. Why not amalgamate the six New England states into a Commonwealth of New England? There is much to be gained . . .

State leaders had better paddle harder—May 4, 2003. With the news that House leaders have offered a budget that meets or exceeds the governor's proposals for spending cuts, those who dismiss our legislators as fiscally irresponsible may have to rethink their position . . .

The world is changed forever—April 15, 2003. War! Said once, it is a challenge and an exclamation point. But war is no first date followed by a chaste goodnight kiss on the front porch . . .

Do the math—April 3, 2003. With growing unemployment, a busted stock market, and eroded tax revenues, some politicians are comparing today's economic situation with the Great Depression . . .

Threat of war warrants serious discussion—January 17 , 2003. The making of foreign policy is not one of those occupations that occupy the working hours of most Americans . . .

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